Not very Happy at work? These amazing Tips can help you

unhappy at workIntroduction

Expecting your job to be fun all the time is not very realistic. But if you’re unhappy at work too often, it’s time to do something about it. The good news: resignation, which might be the best way, is not always necessary. Read more and find out these amazing tips when you are not very happy at work.

Take action

Going to work reluctantly or being happy when the working day is over: everyone has one of those days. When is it time to draw conclusions from that? According to experts, there are a few signs that you should take seriously. For instance, when you notice that your health is suffering, or if the negative feeling persists for a long time. But also if you no longer get energy from your work or if it costs you energy.

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Resignation?resign from work

If that happens, you don’t have to resign immediately. As a matter of fact, many people will feel a desire to quit their job. Why? Because a lot of us tend to quickly put the blame outside ourselves: the manager is not good, your colleagues are stupid, the organization does not work as it should… Many times that is the case, and then it is indeed better to look for other work. But sometimes the negative feeling has to do with how you stand in the game.

Weekend trip

There are other things you can do such as taking a break from your work at that point in time. Literally by going away for a weekend, for example. The moment you are in a different environment, you are going to see things from a different perspective. Perhaps you will then come to the conclusion that everything is not too bad and that there are many nice sides to your work, after which you will happily return.

What you can also do is just take a break and start thinking about why you are unhappy in your work. Who are you, and what gives you energy? We often think that we get energy from things we are good at, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all. Of course, you can think about those questions yourself, but there are also tests that can help you with that, such as the Big Five- personality test.


mediatorAnother thing you can do is to go and talk to a counselor or coach at work. Or in any case in a safe environment to blow off steam and discuss possibilities. Because those possibilities are certainly there, you just need to find them. If the atmosphere in your team is not good, you can suggest, for example, that we look together at how you can express more appreciation for each other. Or discuss what you are proud of as a team. For example, how have you done as a team over the past year and a half? Normally major changes take years, now we have started working massively differently and that went well almost overnight. Just think how clever that is.

And how about job satisfaction?

Is it mainly the content of your work that you have come to dislike? That too is often discussed. For example, are you not challenged enough? Or are there certain tasks that you don’t enjoy? It was once suggested in a company that everyone in a department would write on an A4 sheet of paper for a week. On one side the things they enjoyed and on the other side what they didn’t like. You would do this so you start to recognize patterns. Maybe one person could easily switch their job with someone else, where would have more satisfaction in their job. This same method can be used in all workplaces.

Making tasks more funmake work fun

But you can also make tasks you don’t like more fun yourself. Some people are researching playful work design. Previous research has shown that people who do this are more enthusiastic, which also means they perform better. One way to do that is by giving yourself assignments. Suppose you have to do a simple job several times, such as copying a stack of documents, then challenge yourself to do it a little faster each time. Or if you have to wait for something, for example, count how many people are wearing glasses?

Speak to your boss?

Should you discuss it with your supervisor if you don’t like your job? In principle, this should not be necessary, as a good manager would of course see something is not right. People who are chronically dissatisfied do less good work, look different and sit at their computer differently. But when you do, you are advised to think about what you are going to say to your supervisor and how you do it. It is important that it becomes a constructive conversation, in which you look for solutions together. So stay away from accusations or judgments and don’t pass the problem on to your supervisor. Also, think about solutions in advance, managers like to have proactive employees.

Have a conversation regularly

talk with bossExperts agree that it is good to discuss your dissatisfaction with your manager. Actually, that is something you should regularly discuss together: how do you like your work? And what are your ambitions? I can imagine that employees find it exciting to discuss this, but also realize: companies do not want to lose good people and use the talents of employees, so it is also in the company’s interest that you have this conversation. Ideally, both the employee and the manager sometimes ask for such a conversation.

Have you tried all of the above, but it still doesn’t bring you much pleasure in your work? Then it’s a good time to think about another job.

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