Online Riches University Scam -Ouch

Short Review

Name: Online riches Universityonline riches
Price: $97 with likely upsells
Owner: “Mary Johnson”
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Online Riches University

I have visited this program’s website through the above URL and saw it was their home page, which I found also to be the only page, which is already fishy. But wait until you have read the rest! It gets better and better or not?

First paragraph

Instead of introducing themselves and their program, in their first paragraph of the text, they try to convince you that it is much better to start working from home, especially when following their step-by-step program, which was not online riches scam alertexplained at all. They go on to conclude, from what remains unclear, that already thousands of people are making money from this program. Yet, after all this non-information, you are still requested to fill in a form with your name, telephone number and e-mail. Why would anybody want to give their personal information at this point? I know why they want it though.

Lots of junk mail

Giving them this information will then enable them to keep bombarding you with all kinds of offers, upsells and other things of non-value to you, the victim.

Also, they ask you to check for the availability of places in this program, implying that demand might be greater than open places. Ha-ha, surprise, in the end, they will just have a spot where they can squeeze you in!

Second paragraph

Their next paragraph is titled: how does online riches university make you money? This is of course the crux of this program and of any such program for that matter. It is something everybody wants to know.  Completely in line with the meaningless first paragraph, they go on to tell you absolutely nothing! But you are to believe that you can even make money while you sleep. Then they continue: if you think this is too good to be true then … . The operative word here is this, which can be defined as “absolutely nothing”.

They did not even bother to answer their own question!

Third paragraphonline riches wealth

They go on to indicate the pros of this program, which is the smallest paragraph of them all. If you carefully go through them, you could think that this summary could also be the advantages of working from home. What I am saying is that there seems to be no link to their program. Adjacent to their text is a wordless 24-second video showing riches, accompanied by .. nothing! A nice video with a good presentation could have given some credibility to this proposal, however, even here they fail hopelessly.

Fourth and last paragraph

Well, having read all about the glorious expectations from the above, you now have your chance to join the club. And I mean now, as otherwise, you might be too late. I am asking you, dear reader, why would you sign up:

 – if it is unclear what the company is and what it does?

 – if there is no introduction of the owner?

 – if there is no detail whatsoever of their program?

 – if there is no contact information?

– if their website is as active as the statue of liberty?

Have you ever heard the expression of people talking a lot but beating around the bush? I think this is a prime example of what is meant here.

Who is online riches university for?

It is directed towards people who are desperate to earn an (additional) income from the internet by working from home. All you need to do is give them a nice story and some hope. However, this will be false hope.

Online riches university price

The entry fee is $197, but this will likely be discounted to $97, as they want you to enlist. Because after becoming a member, further up-sells will almost certainly be requested. And they will probably be very costly as these usually are.

My Final Opinion of Online Riches University

The website’s home page is the first page and simultaneously the last page. Without so much as introducing themselves properly or informing the people of the ins and outs of their program, they still ask you to sign up; but for online riches not legitwhat exactly? I, for one, am not interested in finding out what they have to offer, other than the bullshit as indicated on their home page.

No university

And further, the word university has probably been chosen to attract a bigger audience or to gain trust, however, you will not receive a university degree here or even an academic level education. And Mary Johnson? She is almost certainly not at the background of this low-level campaign.


The logical conclusion from the above can only be, that this is a scam, so people should stay away from this program and similar ones at all times. I think there is hope for all of us as this company’s website has all the marks of an amateur attempt at getting other people’s money in their pocket.


After having been this negative, by necessity, I would like to conclude on a positive note. There are a lot of internet scams out there, some are easily recognizable (as the above one), some are more elaborate and “professional”. I will continue exposing them as I come across these.

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I have already published my full review on this program here and I invite you to take a look.  

If you would have any questions and or remarks, feel free to leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

18 thoughts on “Online Riches University Scam -Ouch”

  1. Jerry, this program WILL make you rich…if you are the owner. $197 and you don’t even know what you are paying for. Is there a product, information or whatever? Who knows. I really feel for desperate people who bite the hook on this one. Thanks for the warning and the good info.

  2. It definitely looks like a scam. When, in a video or post, people are shown in front of mansions or really expensive cars, most of the time it will be a scam. And if on-line riches university has up-sells as well, it would be difficult for anyone to achieve any riches. Thank you for the review.

    • Thanks Franchesca, by looking at their first page only, anybody can come to the conclusion that Online Riches is absolutely nothing, simply because there is nothing substantial to read. It is just a trick to get to your personal details and subsequently bombard you with e-mail offers and the like. Cheers, Jerry

  3. Oh this is really depressing isn’t it – think of the amount of people that are desperate for money and will probably fall for this. I like the way you point out that they make no real effort to explain what the system is. There are way to many of these shady deals out there these days – time for them to stop!

    • Hi Chris, yes it is depressing, however, I think that more and more people are becoming aware of the internet scams. Moreover, desperate or not, there are a lot of reviews available to them, which will warn about the legitimacy of certain programs. I, for one, will go on to produce some more reviews. Cheers, Jerry

  4. Thanks for exposing yet another fake program! It really makes me sick when I see these sites out there, it gives the whole busiiness a bad name (How many times have I heard from friends: “Online marketing – It’s all a Scam!!!”)…

    I too was misled in two programs that were more robust and sophisticated when I first started to explore online marketing as a potential source to augment my income…

    These were more complex in that they did offer what I perceived as a newbie to be something of value, but of course at quite a high price. As such, I was sucked in and did waste time and money…

    Like you mention in the latter part of your review, Wealthy Affiliate is more than legitmate. They offer the most value for the small amount of money (should you decide to upgrade).

    I urge all readers of this article, check out WA and stop wasting time and money. Their is limitless potential in online marketing as a marketer, and done properly, you will not have to resort to ripping people off, instead you can earn it legitimately, as with any other business!

    Thanks for this enlightening article, good job!

    : )

  5. Hi Jerry. This is a well made article. In other site I read something like this “If you want to search opportunities of making money through internet DO NOT USE THE “WORK FROM HOME” TERM”. Scammers really love that key phrase very often used in search engines for people wanting money.
    This is just pathetic. All those pirates looking for easy money at the expense of people’s hopes. We need more articles like these. Congratulations.

    • Thanks Javier, I will continue exposing scamming companies/persons/programs. Unfortunately there are so many of them and the desperate people, who fall for their tricks. I can only hope that people will check posts like these before joining these programs. Cheers, Jerry

  6. It sounds like you are saying that when looking for online work from home opportunities that we need to do our homework – and the first thing we need to start with is how they present themselves and how open they seem to be and how credible they are. From what you write, the answer shows that they are not at all credible, and so rather than going in for opportunities blindly, we need to research what we see first. Thankfully for us, you have done a great job of doing that research already – and I got some great tips for what to watch out for with other work at home opportunities.

    • Thanks Sarah, that is a very fair assessment of what I am trying to get across. As such this is a very welcome and to the point addition to my article. Cheers, Jerry

  7. I like the thorough walk through of the website description and the overall format of your post. It makes it very easy to follow as well as an enjoyable post to read rather than a sloppy mess :p I also think you definitely achieved your goal of steering us clear of that site, keep it up 🙂

    • Thank you Ryan, I am glad that I clearly made my point, without having to go into the details of the program. If people only could use some common sense, you would immediately steer clear of this scam. Cheers, Jerry

  8. Hi Jerry, from what you’ve said in your comprehensive review I wouldn’t touch this system with a barge pole.

    unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there desperate to make a living that will get sucked in. So hopefully these people will find your site first.

    Because I can vouch for your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the real deal, value for money and the potential to create a very successful home business.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Jay, thanks for your valuable comments. The fact that these kind of reviews draw a lot of attention is a good start as to battle all these internet scams. Cheers, Jerry

  9. For some reason, most people have to see for themselves, myself included. It’s their crazy claims that make you think you can do the same but I can promise you that you won’t make any money with the Online Riches University Scam Program. I have seen many scams online and this program has every single characteristic as the thousands of other scams of its kind.

    • Hi Keye, I agree with you. What still baffles me is that such an amateur approach still can attract customers. It just goes to show how desperate people can be. Cheers, Jerry


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