What type of Manager do you have and How to deal with them


types of managersEvery manager has his own way of leading the team in providing guidance, feedback, and compliments. All these bosses have their advantages and disadvantages. But despite all the differences, most employers can be divided into a number of typical groups. Here are four main types of managers and how to deal with them. Which kind of manager do you have? Are you happy?

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1. The dictator/commander

In wartime the dictator is easy to recognize; then he wears a uniform and is often a general. On an average workplace in 2020, the commander can mainly be traced through his (yes, the dictator is usually a man) behavior: as the characterization suggests, the dictator does not tolerate contradiction.dictator

As an employee, do you also have an opinion within the department? You can ventilate them at home, says this direct, authoritarian manager. It is therefore easy to make a caricature of the dictator, but that is too easy. 

The right to a boss that most contemporary companies and organizations are drifting or going to hell because of a lack of decisiveness and modern ‘find-it-out-by-yourself-managers’ . There is a passionate plea for a “real boss” and “old-fashioned leadership.” And you have to give that to the dictator: he can do that, with clear instructions, even if it is all hands on deck within the company. And that can be quite reassuring for employees.

How do you cope? 

 • Do what the dictator asks, make sure your results are in order. 

 • Be direct yourself and ask short, clear questions if you are not quite clear what his intention is. 

 • Are you a creative type with a strong opinion of your own? Then orientate yourself on your next job: people who think independently cannot last long under a dictator. Or become very unhappy.

2. The visionary

visionary bossPreferably put “dots on the horizon”. Dreams big and compelling can tell beautifully and would like to spar with his employees about new opportunities, long-term plans and markets yet to be explored. This can quickly lead to a pleasant, inspiring working atmosphere on the work floor because that dot on the horizon is of course a kind of wish list full of goodies.

Of course, the visionary also has a downside. The most important of these can easily be described: today’s work because the visionary prefers not to get tired of it. For example, the visionary can forget about an important quotation that had to be sent out today, he overlooks that important appointment with that new customer, or he is nodding off within 5 minutes during the daily work meeting.

Another danger: when the visionary unfolds plans for the future that are miles away from what the staff believes in, this dreamer is often dismissed by his people as the mad hatter.

How to deal with this person?

• Go – in moderation – into the atmosphere of vistas, of shiny visions of the future, that give you and your colleagues a lot of energy in the workplace.

• Complement the visionary, by having your supervisor make his goal concrete. Including a clear path to that dot on the horizon.

• Try to find in your team, in addition to a strict management assistant, a right-hand man for your supervisor who mainly acts decisively, has a good understanding of the normal work process, and is blessed with a ‘no bullshit-it-has-to-be-done-today-mentality.

3. The coach/connector

Also referred to as “people person” to name a popular word. The coach can ignore himself and loves to let his coaching bossemployees grow. He stimulates in a positive way, motivates and gives his employees confidence. This “boss” is not actually a boss, but an empathetic person who is fully aware of the emotional needs of his staff: going to the hairdresser during working hours? Of course. A day off because your dog coughs so badly? No problem!

The coach/connector is always looking for connections and is looking for harmony. Preferably takes decisions along the democratic route: the plan will not proceed until consensus has been reached. Downside: the coach forgets himself in all attempts to make others excel. And passes himself by. Another danger: in the effort to please everyone, the wildest ideas die, and often the mediocre, very average ideas are left.

How do you handle this character?

• For most employees it is wonderful to have a manager who wants to get the best out of you and who has an eye for your needs. So consider yourself lucky.

• In an atmosphere of trust you can honestly say what you think and want.

• Can be a little tiring. Not all employees are waiting for “personal growth” and “lifelong learning”: they just want to go home at five. So if you are the type who prefers to carry 9 to 5 stones from A to B and no further nagging, then that will clash with the coach.

• A coaching boss who is extremely understanding of all employees wants to keep everyone happy. That never works, and so the “losing” minority can still be very dissatisfied.

4. The let-it-go boss

laissez faireBig in confidence, small indecisiveness: the let-it-go manager thinks his staff is man enough to run the place. Managers who support “laissez-faire” thus give employees a lot of freedom and let the day-to-day run its course. In the unshakable faith that everything will be fine and that employees in every team will stand up as “natural leaders” and ensure that everything will work out. The word “self-direction” is lurking here; all the more reason to wonder out loud what the added value is of such a boss. Working under a ‘champion letting go’ may seem very relaxed, but that is by no means the whole story. You do not show that you are interested in what your employees do.

This manager can also function well in a well-trained team that knows very well what is needed. It only gets exciting in a headwind or worse.

How do you deal with him/her?

• On the few occasions that the let-it-blow boss does show up in the workplace, ask for clear instructions.

• Enjoy your freedom and the atmosphere of trust: it is quite cool when you run your work without direction from above. And make clear mutual agreements with the team about tasks that must be performed.

• You may feel lost due to a lack of support and genuine interest. Seek that support from your colleagues, together.

The best boss

The best managers know how to motivate people, value everyone, and support you to get the best out of yourself. best bossThey work hard themselves and are sometimes hard, but always to achieve the best result. A good manager sets a good example and creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace. We all prefer the kind of ‘boss’ that employees talk positively about even after years. And fortunately, there are some of them around.

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8 thoughts on “What type of Manager do you have and How to deal with them”

  1. This is great, and it’s so true. Different types of managers can have completely different relationships with the rest of the employees. Knowing what time of manager you have and what type you actually need can be very important in the functionality of a business. And knowing what type of manager would be best for the employees you have.

    • It will surely help anybody in becoming aware what type of manager is involved and learning how to deal with them best. Most of us will have to go through this process as only some 10% of the managers are ideal leaders, where you can work in happiness, develop yourself, have good teamwork, no nepotism/favoritism and a joy to go to each and every day.

  2. I love this. My boss is the dictator, he doesn’t take advice, takes decision by himself. Even when he asks us to contribute, it’s not relevant because what he will do is the final. And even though he’s not going to consider any contribution, we must still say something. Thank you for sharing this amazing article here. It really made my day

    • I just hope it will help you in dealing with that person. You are there to win and win you do when you can change the attitude. You can also win by leaving for another job or better yet, become your own boss. You can prepare your exit strategy whilst being in the job. Imagine when you can say goodbye, I am going to a better place.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing an informative article. We know a manager who always leads his team and everyone works under him which makes him accountable.  So those who work on us understand what kind of manager it will be and how to deal with it. That’s why anyone who deals with the manager can be their own boss. The only way to do that is to do affiliate marketing where you can control everything. I quit my job at the company and today I am doing affiliate marketing and controlling everything and becoming my own boss.

    • Good for you. Affiliate marketing offers numerous possibilities for everyone of us. Becoming your own boss is then only a question of time. Mind you, you can start this and still do your job, until you come to the point that you are independent.

  4. Hello there,thank you for posting this article which is centered on What type of Manager one has and How to deal with them.This a very helpful and educative article. before i started working on my own as an affiliate marketer,i once had a commanding boss. it defintely was not easy to cope. Nothing is as good as being your own boss

    • Agreed, for many of us it is best to be your own boss. Nowadays, with the aid of internet, the possibilities are virtually endless. Everybody should know this and also know that they can do it themselves. Hence this website and its promotion of the world’s best internet business support program.


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