How to Survive a Job you Hate


There are hundreds of reasons why you could hate your job: no challenges, survive job you hateannoying colleagues, an insufferable boss, a bad salary, rude customers, impossible working hours and more. In short, all situations in which job satisfaction is hard to find.

All of us

Almost everyone has been in such a situation at some point in time and many are currently in the middle of it. With the current labor market and economic situation, people are inclined to accept almost every job to have bread on the table, even if they know that job is nothing at all for them.

What to do?

And what good does it bring? A lot of work stress, chagrin, losing your motivation, gossip, working as little as you can and bickering, at work but also at home. Do you want to survive such a worthless job and focus on a better future? Then it is time to stop whining and take action. Here are some tips that can help you to survive a job you hate.

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Keep doing your best in this job

Of course, you will not burn the bridge by immediately quitting your job. This would be a bit silly if you have nothing else instead. In order to last through keep doing your bestevery working day while applying for a job, I advise you to fully focus on the work you have in progress. Not on those annoying colleagues or something unpleasant that awaits you during the day, week or month, but only on what you’re doing now. 

Try to do the perfect, super-fast or otherwise exceptional. However dull and silly that job is, when you really do your best, it will still give you some satisfaction and it will distract you from everything that makes your work so annoying. I have been in that situation myself and assure you it will help.

Set yourself goals and do something about them every day

Think about where you want to go. Where do you want to be with your work in a week, a month or a year? Where are you, what do you do, and with whom. Are work according to a planyou stuck in your work and is the chance of another job negligible? Then see what you can do to improve the situation (however small). Try to cut those goals in small steps and make sure that you can do something about it and do it every day.

Regardless of how busy you are, how tired you are, what time it is, you have to take action every day to get you closer to your goal. As a result, you are also working on something positive, which gives you a better feeling about yourself and your situation. After all, you are actively doing something about it.

Stay positive

Try to stay positive (as long as you have not found another job). You do that by focusing on everything that you have in your current job or that you enjoy. Can you learn anything? Is there a really nice colleague walking around? Are the training facilities good? Can you adjust something or start your own project? Try to laugh (in yourself) at all the crazy annoying things at work, but do not ridicule it.

Crazy boss

Put in perspective that crazy behaviorhave a positive attitude of your boss and amaze him with a smile. Would not his life be much better if he were different for himself and his employees? Maybe you can give it back to him/her carefully and that will change the atmosphere for the better. 

Find that which makes you happy and spend there as much time as possible. Therefore, there is simply less time left for all those things that you hate in your current job.

Everything is temporary

Remember that nothing in life is forever. And you can really apply this saying to everything. You will not always keep that same boss or colleague. Your work is going to change. The company will sometime move to another building. survive jobAlthough you do not do anything, the chance that you will be in the same job in five or ten years is virtually nil. That awareness will illuminate your mind. It is up to you to shorten that period (TAKE ACTION !!!), so that you, as soon as possible, are in a place where you feel happy. 

Another opportunity

Be optimistic and put courage out of the relativity of the situation. After this difficult period comes another professional challenge that you will enjoy. You can view your current situation as separate, humorist sketches in which you do difficult tasks. 

I will specify a unique opportunity for each and everybody of you further below.

Look at other people

You can think that you have the most horrible job on earth. But my own most terrible jobsexperience is that when I look back on jobs that I have had in the past, I look back on it with much more pleasure than when I actually sat there. A proverb: “Traveling gives you a new perspective on where you come from”, that is why I have impressed you well in my head. You can also do that traveling virtually. Just look at the program “Dirty jobs” on the Discovery channel. There you see weekly the most terrible (at least in my eyes) jobs pass, for which people often get much less money than you do now. From that perspective, your current job might not be that bad.

If you really do not see a way out, then look for another job

Do not get stuck in a job that you dislike. Certainly not when not only you but also your colleagues get fed up. Orientate yourself on jobs where you can find your passion and enthusiasm. So scan the job sites and newspapers for that looking for another jobjob that is meant for you.

Even in bad times, these jobs can be found, although you might have to search a bit harder than usual. If you want a career switch, this is a great opportunity to take a (short) course. If the economy picks up again, you’re likely to be the first to make that switch. Here is how to do this best.

Be your own boss

I realize that not every one of you can easily jump from one job to another one, especially one that is better. I bet a lot of you have dreamed of being your own boss, starting your own business and possibly working from home. The beauty of it is that it can all come true. The business opportunities on the internet are enormous and accessible to anyone with the right mindset.

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2 thoughts on “How to Survive a Job you Hate”

  1. Hi Jerry,

    Excellent insights on how to survive a job you hate. You have presented some really great ideas on surviving in a difficult work environment. I particularly like how you suggest doing the best job that you can no matter what. Many people try avoiding doing a good job when they are unhappy and this just feeds the cycle, things get worse. I’ve seen for myself how it only takes one person to change everything. One person finally gets fed up with a bad situation and starts trying to improve it. Then when just a tiny good thing comes out of it, another one joins in to help. More improvements lead to more people joining and turning a bad job into a good one. The result is nothing short of amazing.
    Thanks for the awesome article.


    • You have said it. It sometimes takes one person to turn around a bad working situation. I am not saying that it is easy, but it can be done if you put the right mindset behind it. And instead of getting health issues, you will feel much better.


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