Things a disgruntled Employee can do


Whatever the job you have or perform, the ideal one is different for everyone. Some wish to grow quickly, others want a “nine to five” position and security. There when you are dissatisfied at workare also the ones that do not mind working long hours, as their work has become their life. A number of employees only require recognition or autonomy.

How many have?

But how many of us end up with the job we really love? The short answer is: not so many. So, what happens if you do not have the ideal job and feel unhappy? Many of us tend to think it will blow over but if not, become really disgruntled. Here is some guidance for what disgruntled employees should do.

Also check out the perfect escape route for your problem, which I will handle in the last paragraph.

Reasons for dissatisfaction

Whether you are dissatisfied with your position depends largely on your character and aspirations. You may be dissatisfied because you are not too much of a work loadgrowing fast enough. You may be dissatisfied with your salary. Maybe you don’t get enough compliments? Do you sometimes feel that you are doing useless work? Did you get passed over for promotion? Did not get the long-awaited salary increase. Have too much of a workload?

Wrong career path?

You may even think that you have taken a wrong career path and that a completely “new start” in another domain is the only solution. For some of us this appears to be the best solution. Notwithstanding the fact that a career switch can also have negative consequences, most of the times it is turns out for the good. But watch out for this:

Negative Consequences Of A Career Switch

Career counselors lure potential candidates with the prospect of a higher wage, better career opportunities, stock options and extremely attractive career switch not always goodworking conditions. In some cases, a career move (especially during an economic recession) is rather a costly affair. It is often necessary that you follow further training; this can be very expensive and is not always reimbursed by the future employer.

Older people

The older one is (i.e. the higher the salary), the harder it is to find a new job at the same salary. If you are around 40, you lose on average about 20 to 50% of your income when you change career. Sometimes it takes 5-10 years for you to return to your previous salary level. A salary reduction usually also means a reduction in the standard of living. For many of us, this is difficult to accept or even unfeasible.

Is Changing Career A Good Solution?

As said before, investing in training is expensive. Employers, therefore, choose candidates who have the desired experience to fill a vacant position. Whether you have been in the labor market for 20 or 30 years does not matter; whether you have the right qualifications is decisive.

Beware of young people

switching careers good

If you are hired anyway, you will most likely get frustrated because younger and, so to speak, “less experienced” employees turn out to score better than yourself and grow faster. They are promoted while you float at the same level for years to come. You may even have to report to them. Result: You get frustrated again. If you have had to lose your salary, then this displeasure is unfortunately even greater. After all, you are dissatisfied and you have a lower income!

More causes

It is often the case that the cause of job dissatisfaction is not the career itself, but is caused by external factors. Perhaps the industry is in a downturn. Maybe you can’t get along with your boss or employees. Maybe your position is not challenging enough. If this is the case, simply changing employment or business sector is the better solution. 

Employers often have a competitive salary left over for employees who want to change sectors, because this brings new perspectives, as it were. Maybe you have certain tips to make a business process run more smoothly or you know an interesting marketing strategy? Sometimes it is your contacts that can be a determining factor.

How do you get pleasure in your work again?

Find out where the real problem lies. Is your position boring? Are the working conditions poor? Do you have a difficult boss? Are you being bullied by get pleasure at workcolleagues? Once you have identified the problem, you can work on a solution. If you do not find this yourself, you can still seek professional help. You may be dissatisfied because you have not yet achieved certain professional and personal goals. Then it may be time to re-evaluate them.

Be discrete

If you are not satisfied with your job, be discrete about it. Discretion and professionalism are the keywords! What do you actually expect from your employees or manager and what do they expect from you? You are usually partly to blame for your lack of satisfaction. Request objective feedback from employees you trust and respect and try to adjust your behavior if necessary.

When a career move is made

The labor market is very complex, this step should not be taken that easily. All this explains why work-related mental disorders are becoming more common. However, studies such as the study in Economic Research below remind us of something that is both logical and perfectly understandable. The personal satisfaction of employees improves the overall performance of a career move madecompany. The reverse is true for disgruntled employees.

Be aware that some companies overlook their employees and focus solely on results. They are economic and productive entities that are based almost exclusively on vertical, rigid and traditional leadership without emotional intelligence.

2017 survey in the USA

Back in 2017, a survey was conducted in the United States to measure the level of personal satisfaction among employees throughout the country. Interestingly enough, the results of this study were just as striking as they were devastating:

75% of employees were looking for a new job in order to resign from their current job as quickly as possible.
77% stated that employees who were better qualified and contributed more to the company were ignored.
44% indicated that the most qualified employees were never eligible.
55% thought their salary was too low.

This data shows very well what is happening, not only in the USA but in many countries in a large part of the labor market. This surely accounts for an enormous number of disgruntled workers.

So what to do when you are disgruntled?

If you are dissatisfied with your work, then you basically have two options. You leave or you try and improve on your current situation. 

what to do when you are a disgruntled employee?There are different strategies that you can use to improve your work situation as much as possible:

Deal with positive people within the company who offer you comfort, motivation and good energy. Avoid people who infect you with their bad mood and negativity.

Keep yourself together, no emotions and be businesslike (unlike the guy in the picture, lol).
Find out if other positions are available.

And more

If you have a boss, manager or other person above you who is toxic and offensive, try to keep your distance as much as possible at all times. Obeying orders that downplay you or go against your values ​​is dangerous to your physical and psychological integrity.
It is important to know how you can completely disconnect from your work before you go home. This way you ensure that you don’t take all the pressure and worries home with you.

Whatever your actions are, the outcome cannot be guaranteed.

The second option, to resign, is also a tricky one, if you are not convinced you will get another job soon enough or at all. Think about the things I mentioned above.

The third and perfect option: prepare your escape route

Whether you prefer the first or the second option, I would like to suggest a third option to take into account. That is: stick to your job, keep receiving income, but prepare to leave some time in the future. How? You will start your own business using the enormous potential of the internet!

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Take action here!

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22 thoughts on “Things a disgruntled Employee can do”

  1. I always advice people to go for jobs that they like, something they have passion for, not just a job they have to do to earn some money, working with that passion driven vibe makes it very easy to adjust to different situations at work, the stress and the frustrations. I love the reasons for dissatisfaction you gave, they are very realistic and true. I actually won’t blame some people for changing career sometimes, who knows they might tried severally to find pleasure in it again and it didn’t work out for them. The tips you gave on how to get pleasure in your work again are nice and will work for some people. Thanks for sharing this, it’ll be of great help. 

    • Finding a job that is also your passion is a good attitude, though we are not all top sporters. Fact is that many of us simply cannot find a job that will suit them fine and sooner or later run into trouble of various kinds. Those persons should know that whatever situation they are in, there always is a way out. But the action has to start with themselves and I intend to help them by means of this website.

  2. Great post. As you said, people want different things from their job. For me, I love freedom and not getting it can get me disgruntled. So, I am going to consider your option three, to keep doing my regular job, while planning on affiliate marketing. 

    Also, I think switching a career requires much caution and needs to be planned thoroughly. Thanks.

    • Sure, a career move has its advantages, but also can be tricky, especially when you are getting older or being over 50. You did the best thing I can think of. You keep your job and income, but start a business at the side in your own time. Building your business takes time, effort and dedication, but if you have those, then Wealthy Affiliate will be a great chance for you. What is better than being your own boss, working from home and make some money in the process?

  3. When we get into a job we have dreamt of, we might think we have a perfect job. A few years or even months, you soon realize that the routine work is not something you want to do. And then the pay is not even worth your while after all. Mine was the long commute to and from work that got me to rethink about my future and sanity. My option was to leave and luckily, I has already started an online business that was on its feet. Nothing much but I thought I would be better off building that income than be disgruntled at a job. Your article is an eye-opener for those who are having doubts about their full time employment. Great post.

    • I think a certain amount of routine will be part of every job, but you can certainly try to minimize routine or find a job that has very little of it. But apparently you were unhappy with it and took action by starting work on an online business. Way to  go man!

  4. Hello; from your blog, I have discovered that you are a man who is full of experience at the work-place. It is not coincident that you have such knowledge. neither is it a light thing for you to share the workplace experience in this blog.

    Many workers need this information before they make a decision, which they might regret later on. The training is so smart. The wise solution is in the conclusion. Wealthy Affiliate can play the role of a rescue ship for many who are dissatisfied at the workplace.

    Do you know that some workplace stress levels can lead to employee’s death?


    • Yes, I have heard that before and that is really unbelievable to me. At the same time I know it has happened. If you would work in a dangerous working environment, stress levels could lead to inaction, being less careful and ultimately lead to life endangering situations.

      I have had a 37 years experience of working for bosses and a big percentage, I could very much respect for various reasons. I did not know what to do in most cases and nobody could help me.This has led me to start this website, finding ways to really help people who have trouble with their boss.

  5. This is very true, it’s always possible and easy to have dissatisfaction with the job you are doing especially when you have something you’re hoping for or you’re in the wrong field. When I quit my job, it’s was because I wanted to be my own boss, I earn quite little in the office and the stress my boss gives me, wear me out even more than the that of my job, so I decided to pick something online and it’s been fine. 

    Trying to find pleasure in what you are doing is really important but I think it’s better so with a very inquisitive mind, dig into your mind and discover the problem. This article is very useful,it’ll help people make right decisions when it comes to issues with work or being disgruntled. I’ve enjoyed reading through and I’ve learnt some things, thanks for sharing.

    • Unfortunately, many times a bad boss is the reason for disgruntled employees. I have seen it myself so many times now, so much is written about it but it still exists and probably will to some extent. After all, we are all humans and make mistakes. But here is the thing: in every case something can be done about it and it is up to the people themselves. I am trying to help them finding the right solutions.

  6. Hi Jerry,

    70% of Americans are either not engaged in their jobs or downright hate them – Gallup. In this case, how they are going to produce great results?

    In the company, I worked before 70-80% of employees hate their job but they don’t switch. All they need is a salary and not worried about job satisfaction or not willing to give their best.

    The stats you shared is an eye-opener. That’s the reason it is always advisable to do what we love and follow our passion. 

    The great thing is you not just discussed the problems but you provided with the solutions – 3 options. I prefer the third option. That’s what I did a few years before. By working on my day job, in the evenings I started working on building my own website. Since December 2017, I am a full-time blogger working from home.

    I love the quote of Steve Jobs… Your Time Is Limited, So Don’t Waste It Living Someone Else’s Life.

    • Yes, that is what a lot of people do, making money for their bosses. If you don’t mind that, fair enough. But if you do, then you better take action. Never ever let your unhappiness lead to problems with your health. Starting your own business, in your own time next to a job and making some money at the side, could be the way to renewed happiness.

  7. I agree what it had said.  Some won’t give a chance to get the promote to new position.  The problem is that disable people complained that they won’t get promotion to earn extra so they can treat others equal.   Some found right one and fell in love with it and worked till their retirement. Some need second income as work at home to earn enough to support themselves.  This website is good example.

    • Yes, what I really try to promote, is that everybody in a 9-5 job should have an escape route. So many people are unhappy and do not know what to do. To start something in your own time next to your job, can give great satisfaction. Imagine becoming less and less independent from your job! Until you can quit with a big smile on your face.

  8. Hi Jerry! I think this third option is the wisest. It’s wonderful that this option exists. That we can start right now preparing to leave our job without actually leaving it yet. Preparations need time. I’m excited to give this 3er option a try. If it comes out well, fine! And if it doesn’t, at least I have peace that I’ll gave it my very best.

    • That is the right attitude and yes you should give the third option your full efforts, dedication and commitment. Chances are you will make it and it will be a life changing experience.

  9. Personally I am on the third option right now and having no regrets because I know it is the key to gaining my time freedom!. I also have done the other one and left my job for something different 2 years ago,this I must say was a slight mistake on my part. As someone over the age of 50 it was very hard starting over and with a lower salary than I was accustomed to. 

    • Being over 50 certainly does not make things easier, but various options are still there. You chose the third option, becoming your own boss, which with Wealthy Affiliate is a very good one. They give you all the building stones needed for a successful internet business.

  10. I had this very experience.What I thought was going to be a dream job has slowly become undesirable, mainly due to my boss. She isn’t terrible but I think our relationship is evidence that it’s time to start working towards my life purpose. I’ve recently rejoined the business support program you mention in your post. The timing just wasn’t right last time but I know that the program has everything I need to be successful so I’ve joined up again. I was surprised to find that a number of new benefits have been added like domain hosting. I’m very happy with my choice and I’m sure readers of your website will be too if they take this option.

    • Thanks Deb, for the advice to my readers. I think you made a wise choice joining Wealthy Affiliate again. It is the best there is and still they are improving year by year, as you noticed yourself.

  11. This is a really great article, and I love the part where you discuss that we are usually to blame for our own lack of satisfaction. It is certainly challenging though, changing jobs and getting the same level of income. I have a 50yo friend going through this at the moment and it is quite challenging for her finding gainful employment with the same or even similar income!

    • Just inform your friend that a week ago I published another blog about finding a job for people over 50. Here is the link: Where are the Jobs for people over 50? The older you get, the more difficult it will be to find a job at the same level. The main thing to do is take action for everybody who is unhappy in their job.


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